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you keep talking about our pants on the ground, i guess we'll do that next hour. >> no, we're doing it this hour. >> is it? it has to do with the "idol" theme of pants on the ground, that famous song. >> ♪ pants on the ground pants on the ground ♪ >> thank you very much. they say our globe is warming, polar ice won't be found but here i am just freezing with my pants on the ground. >> ♪ pants on the ground pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ >> whoever thought that would be our motto since i never wear pants. >> true. absolutely. you're a woman in skirts. >> at least at work. all right. >> maybe at home you do. >> plenty of pants at home. >> meanwhile, we have a very busy tuesday. rescuers searched through the night in haiti as the death toll continues to rise. it is now expected to top 200,000 people lost.
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1 1/2 million people are homeless. violence and looting hampering the delivery of much needed food, water and medical supplies that are getting through at a very slow pace. orlando salinas is in port-au-prince right now with the very latest. orlando, things have got to pick up today, right? >> well, they've got to pick up but let's be brutally honest here, i spoke late at yesterday afternoon with three or four of these rescue and recovery folks and they told me that today, today these 24 hours will probably be it. they say after today, it's become more of a recovery mission. no longer a search and rescue mission. it has been almost a good now seven days since the earthquake. they only had a handful. maybe two, good recoveries yesterday. good rescues. the rest of their efforts, i'm told, everything went south. not good at all.
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now, also, i can tell you that this ongoing effort here at port-au-prince airport has been going on 24 hours a day. also, i want to tell you something -- this is -- this is a completely different sort of story i'm going to talk about. it's like something made out of a tv movie. an american politician goes into a foreign country as it's going through a crisis, doesn't tell anybody. it turns out that we're talking about pennsylvania governor ed rendell. flew into this port-au-prince airport yesterday very late in the afternoon. was here to apparently try and rescue 54 haitian orphans. he apparently also was doing this on the very, very much down low. didn't tell anybody. but he showed up here and his plans went south. when he gets here and his plans that he thought were all set in place just didn't go well at all. so we saw ed rendell here running around frantically screaming at people, barking out orders and in the end, guys, it
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turns out that just after 11:00 eastern time, he was able to get permission from the homeland security who gave all 54 of those haitian orphans special visas to leave the country. they boarded on board a c-17 u.s. air force cargo plane, headed on out of here at 11:17 last night with 54 haitian orphans on their way to florida. the very first plane load of orphans that have left here since this began. guys? >> all right. orlando salinas posted at the airport where it is loud and orly is starting to lose his voice again. great report. good news that ed rendell was able to get those kids out. >> that's fantastic. three minutes after the top of the hour. take a look at the polls this morning as the whole nation focuses on massachusetts. a true blue state usually democrats get whatever they want. it's usually decided when they pick a candidate. well, it's not happening as we've been chronicling for about
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the last three weeks. martha coakley, the favorite. you have scott brown, the upstart and right now, let's take a look at the three major polls at this hour and scott brown is poised to possibly pull off a massive upset. he's up 52%, 43% according to politico. that's yesterday. meanwhile, the other poll we want to share with you is also a similar result. there is the 52%, 45% and the ppp poll, 51%, 46%. the best hope a lot of people think for martha coakley, a blizzard to keep people home. >> that's right. >> keep people home potentially. a lot of analysts are saying the only way a republican wins in the liberal state of massachusetts is if the voters are angry. that apparently is what may be happening right now in massachusetts. last night, brit hume, of course, who used to anchor "special report" here at fox for many years and now an analyst was on "the bill o'reilly show" and he has an analysis of what
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he believes this means for democrats. >> martha coakley loses tomorrow, it will be long term and perhaps even short term the best thing that could happen to the democrats and here's why, bill, the democrats are basically about to drive themselves off a cliff by ramming this wildly unpopular health care reform bill through the congress. you recall, bill, that after the 1994 midterm, bill clinton was forced into a course correction when his party lost control of both houses of congress. he made one. he adjusted, he adapted. he ran to the center. he stole some republican ideas. he was re-elected handily. this would give president obama the chance to do that almost a year ahead of the mid-term elections. >> different world now, though. here's why i disagree with you, different world, ok? in 1994, you didn't have cable. you didn't have talk radio to the extent you have it now. you didn't have the instant brawl, political brawl in everybody's face. i say that if coakley loses and brown takes ted kennedy's seat,
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the reverberations will crack the democratic party so badly, it will not be able to recover for at least a year. therefore, the elections in 2010, this november. the republicans could take back both houses. >> of course, it all comes down to, as brian mentioned, a turnout because up until about last week, the conventional wisdom was that big turnout would be great for martha coakley. but because so many of the republicans and so many of the people in the middle and there are a lot of them there, the independents are energized. if they show up in big numbers, that's going to be really good for scott brown. and in fact, somebody at politico poll referred to what's going on with the martha coakley campaign as free fall. i actually think the bottom is falling out of her campaign. meanwhile, democrats are absolutely freaking out. >> well, the chief advisor to the president of the united states apparently now being
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quoted as pointing fingers at specific people. he does not only blame martha coakley for that fallout but the democratic senatorial campaign committee as well as potentially emanuel not blaming the president. others are saying the president has to assume some of this blame for letting health care reform get in the hands, the message at least, get in the hands of republicans. and the president allowing nancy pelosi to form health care reform and not having a lot of involvement in it until the bitter end. >> also people say tactically the ground game is slow to get out. they had the money but didn't put the operations. they got cocky about it. what does virginia, the resulting virginia, new jersey and, perhaps, massachusetts, if it does go into the republican column, what do they have in common? one thing, independence. democrats and republicans voted with their party but independents are marching in massive numbers towards the republican candidate. and that's the thing that you people have in common. they want to say that's an aberration in new jersey, just an aberration in virginia,
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that's a conservative state. what are they going to say in massachusetts? the experts say that is the one thing that really should concern democrats and they have plenty of time to get their house in order, though. >> right. something else that the three states have in common, barack obama campaigned for all three of those particular candidates and in fact, there's an item in politico today that talks about, ok, if this is a repudiation of obama, some are saying, will he back off on things and the answer is no. >> not by a long shot. >> no, if she loses, they're going to reinforce the whole mantra, we're going to fight hard. those darn republicans say no but we'll continue to press on as hard as we can. >> but one of the statements coming from the democratic aide about the spin that will come out, i find this hard to believe, actually. this is the quote. "you can say it's a rejection of the agenda but it's just as valid to say it's frustration with the way things are going in the country and that people still want change." well, i think a lot of those independents who just last year
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voted for barack obama under that -- the auspice of change are now saying they don't like that change. so this is going to be a hard spin for the white house on this particular race. if coakley loses. >> they have to dust off the underdog argument. we told you it's us against the system. it's harder than we thought. they have to be more combative when it comes to the state of the union address and releasing the budget. if you want to have an idea of what the president is going to be like, go back to last week's speech when he was saying "we want our money back". he took on wall street and said we want our money back. he's one of the people and he's fighting against the system and that's how he's going to look to frame it. let's see if people buy it. david axelrod says we are going to make republicans defend the financial crisis that we inherited. so if going back is going to get them the victory, that's what they plan on doing. win or lose, that's what they're going to do. >> speaking of inherited martha coakley rolled out a new ad yesterday. she doesn't talk about health
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care but the economy and wall street. at one point, who does she blame for the mess we're in? george bush. >> fantastic. he's in haiti. >> let's get other headlines now for your tuesday morning. barack obama is set to deliver his state of the union address. one week from tomorrow, january 27th at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. besides the broadcast live on national tv, the address will be streamed on the white house web site. the speech that the president delivered last year is technically not considered the state of the union address because he had been in office a short time. a new report shows the f.b.i. illegally collected nearly 2,000 u.s. phone records between 2002 and 2006. this according to "the washington post." through internal memos and interviews "the post" says that the f.b.i. invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies or persuaded phone companies to provide the information. six years after she died in a bathtub, drew peterson's former wife kathleen savio gets her day in court. he is accused of killing her. today, witnesses in a pretrial
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hearing will tell her side of the story and how she was afraid that her ex-husband, peterson, would kill her. at first, her death was ruled accidental but after a second autopsy, it was changed to homicide and the fact that his next wife was also missing. peterson, of course, is suspect in this woman's disappearance, his fourth wife, stacy peterson. he maintains his innocence. past decade was the earth's warmest on record. this according to the national climatic data center. this shattered the 1990's increase which was 0.65 degrees above. one of the exceptions was in the midwest where temperatures were cooler than normal. those are your quick headlines. >> all right. it's about 12 minutes past the top of the hour. the disaster in haiti remains many of the katrina disaster. has the obama administration learned any lessons? we'll talk to the former fema guy under president bush straight ahead.
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>> quarter after the hour now. for quick headlines, new jersey is now the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana. certain patients will now be allowed to use the drug to treat or alleviate symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. governor jon corzine, that guy right there signing the bill on what was his last full day in office. chris christie, the republican will be sworn in as new jersey's 55th governor today at noon. that's when he's going to take
6:16 am
the oath of office. he defeated jon corzine. it was a big upset for a heavily democratic state. christie will become the first republican to hold the post in eight years. >> thank you, steve. an enormous task lies ahead for the workers desperately trying to help the earthquake survivors in haiti. >> yep. joining us right now, who knows a lot about this relief effort, to weigh in on the worldwide relief response, david paulson, the director of fema under president bush. hey, david. good morning. what do you think the priority should be right now to help the haitian people judging by the organizations we have on the ground? >> well, again, right now, you know, the search and rescue is coming to an end but food distribution is extremely important. security on the ground is going to be important but i think the most important thing right now is putting some type of unified command system together so we have the different international agency working together as a team. >> and david, how do you do that? because one of the things that we've been gleaning from our reporters on the ground there in
6:17 am
port-au-prince at least is that if student aid came in, but getting it dispensed to the people was the battle. >> yeah, we said earlier that's got to be the most difficult part. it was tough enough getting it to the airport but now getting it from the airport out to the individuals is the hardest piece. we saw that in katrina. but a unified command system where you have the international agencies working out of one place, sharing information and dividing the country up to make sure we cover it all and we don't miss pieces like we're seeing, i think, is vitally important at this point. >> i noticed some of the comments. for example, i think some of the u.s. forces are a little upset with some of the way the u.s. leadership is -- the way the u.n. is going about their way of doing things relatively slow. and then the french this morning blast us, says the u.s. should be helping, not occupying haiti. so obviously, there's some friction there at the highest level. >> yeah. i've heard the same thing and,
6:18 am
you know, the -- the united states has a great relationship with haiti. we've had an ongoing and we've had over a million haitians that live in this country and thousands of our citizens live in haiti also. so we should be there in force. they're our neighbor. however, the finger pointing has to stop. they have to work as a team. this is not the time to lose your temper, to lose your cool. now is the time to take a deep breath and say look, we've got one thing to focus on, that's getting haiti back and help these people that are literally starving to death right now. >> it's amazing other countries po point the finger at the u.s. i thought the whole mission was to have the world like us a little bit more. needless to say, i'm interested in knowing how do you go about planning for these types of disasters when you are a superpower like the u.s.? how do you go about knowing how to set up this command because you can't predict the next place the earthquake is going to happen. >> well, after katrina, we learned those lessons and
6:19 am
learned very clearly. we saw what terribly went wrong with katrina and work in this country to set up the system that will function as a unit as opposed to a bunch of individuals. however, the international pieces are much more difficult. there are groups that meet on a regular basis. primarily at the urban search and rescue level. i think we need to meet as countries and decide how we're going to respond to these types of disasters. the -- it's right now it's going to -- we cannot allow it to deteriorate. we literally have to put ourselves and put our egos aside and get in one room and work it out. >> got to get the food -- egos aside and get the food to the people. at least it's at the airport. david paulson, thanks. >> thank you. > >> straight ahead -- >> martha coakley says the taliban is no longer in afghanistan. is she right? the head of the bin laden unit from the c.i.a. >> the future of health care hinges on the coakley-brown race. if coakley loses, will they try to ram health care through before the race is certified?
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>> all right. 23 minutes past the top of the hour. voters heading to the polls today in massachusetts, as you know, where polls show republican scott brown ahead of martha coakley, the democrat. some say coakley's gaffes have hurt her when she suggested the taliban is gone from afghanistan. >> if the goal is and the mission in afghanistan was to go in because we believe the taliban was giving harbor to terrorists, we supported that. i supported that goal. they're gone. they're not there anymore. >> really? is that the truth? joining us, a former c.i.a. agent who was the head of the bin laden unit, good morning to you, michael. >> good morning, sir. >> you've studied this for a long time.
6:24 am
she right or wrong? >> i think she probably should stick to the courtroom, sir. the taliban, of course, is very active and pressing our forces in afghanistan. they staged an enormously successful commando type raid in kabul yesterday. if they're out of the country, no one bothered to tell them. i think she also was arguing in a rather opaque way that al-qaida terrorists are gone. that's 100% incorrect. indeed, more and more foreign arabs, foreign muslims are coming to fight us in afghanistan. i don't know why she didn't know about those five young americans who the pakistanis captured who are going to fight alongside the taliban. >> clearly, she is opposed to the president's plan to increase troop levels in afghanistan and she just kind of made her talking point so it fit nicely into and by the way, they're gone. >> yeah. you know, it's difficult to figure out why so many democrats don't want america to win in
6:25 am
afghanistan. 30,000 troops is clearly not enough of an increase for general mccrystal. somehow, they found it very easy to put another 10,000 on the ground in haiti where they're indeed needed but the real american security issue is in afghanistan. and we're losing there at the moment. and mrs. coakley doesn't seem to mind that too much. >> well, you have finally put that to rest. now we know for sure coming from you a definitive answer. all right. meanwhile, let's talk about this, michael, and that is that al-qaida in yemen has announced they are poised and ready to strike. is this propaganda or does this kind of chatter worry you? >> you know, generally, al-qaida when it promises an attack or it announces that it lost some of its fighters, they're pretty accurate and truthful. and i think we're in for a surprise as the american people because al-qaida is very, very strong in yemen. it's been there since the middle 1980's. the country as a whole, the population is very islamist and
6:26 am
generally pro al-qaida. so i think we would be foolish not to take with some seriousness what you just said. >> yeah. ok, so when al-qaida in yemen says we're about to strike, you put some credence in that but when it comes to the yemeni government, do you trust what they say? >> no, the yemenis, he's a man who has barely clung on to power for the past 20 years. al-qaida for a while was his ally. indeed, he had a member of his cabinet was a founding member of al-qaida. so when the yemenis walk a fine line. what they're looking for more than anything is aid and arms from the united states. and so they'll say pretty much what they need to say publicly, sir. >> all right. great having you, as always. michael joining us from our d.c. bureau, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> all right, 6:27. off to the coffee room and brian and gretchen. >> all right. did you know there's a new term going around called the obama exemption?
6:27 am
it's becoming a pattern of sorts. the president imposing fees and regulations on everyone from big banks to the car industry unless, of course, you may have helped elect him. we'll break that down for you. >> yeah, is there a difference? are men getting a bad rap on british airways? one passenger says yes. he's suing the airline over a controversial seating policy that says labeled him a sex offender. he'll join us with his story and -- >> happy birthed day to somebody brian and i love, frank calliando. he turns 36 today. he's a young one. >> his george bush impression is about 8 years old.
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and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now - and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >> about an hour ago, nbc came out with an announcement regarding late night. take a look. >> in light of the controversy regarding jay leno and conan o'brien, nbc would like to officially announce that they are replacing both hosts with this guy. >> ♪ pants on the ground pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ >> i watched that. >> did you set that up? this is your famous thing that you claim that you found this guy. >> i represent "american idol" viewers for the people on the couch. so i watched this at the end of the show and i sensed that there's something special going on here and now it's out of control.
6:32 am
brett favre was the latest person who jump on the "pants on the ground" fervor. >> sure. that's one of the jokes that jay made last night and between jay and conan and also david letterman, the late night hosts have had a lot of fun talking about the turmoil over at nbc. well, last night, jay leno actually got serious and explained the whole situation, what has been going on behind the scenes since 2005. here's a little snipett of that. >> where i come from, when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well. we did a good job but we didn't get the ratings. i'll not crazy about doing a half-hour but ok. what do you want to do with conan? put him on at midnight or 12:05 he keeps "the tonight show" and i said ok. you think conan will go for that? yes. yes. almost guaranteed. i said ok. shake hands. that's it. i'm not -- i don't have a manager or agent.
6:33 am
that's my handshake deal. next thing i see conan has a story in the paper saying he doesn't want to do that. they come back to me and they say, if he decides to walk and doesn't want to do it, you want the show back? i go, yeah, i'll take the show back. through all of this, conan o'brien has been a gentleman. he's a good guy. i have no animosity towards him. this is all business. you know, folks? if you don't get the ratings, they take you off the air. i think you know in this town, you can do almost anything. if you do ratings, they'll keep you on the air. that was nbc's solution. it didn't work. so we might have an answer for you tomorrow. >> interesting, jay leno was getting the ratings at the 11:35 p.m. time slot. he was beating david letterman and so the problem was that nbc had made this deal with conan o'brien five years before to replace leno. >> right. he said -- they went up to jay leno and said listen, we're afraid of losing conan. >> he's getting job offers. >> leno said i'm number one, when i drop to number two, you can fire me. they said well, we figure, let's
6:34 am
work this out. conan will get $30 to $40 million to step aside and sign something that says he does not rip on nbc, perhaps. >> bad mouth. >> other thing is who gets triumph the insult dog? the side puppet. >> the good news for conan o'brien is he can go out and look for another job and if another network is ready to give him a bunch of dough to show up in their late night, he's available. >> you know what i worry about? i worry about the staffers that aren't getting $30 to $40 million. i just hope -- >> great point. >> i say the directors and producers who move out to los angeles from new york may be making $40,000 and now they read in the paper that conan is not doing anything. >> there's no business like show business. >> right. >> it's rough. >> all right. also the news business and we have some more news to tell you this morning about haiti. looting and violence are slowing the flow of relief supplies to earthquake victims in haiti, apparently, and it's causing people to flee port-au-prince, the capital and head to relatives' homes in the countryside.
6:35 am
many hospitals still don't have necessary medical supplies, former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea visited one. >> this hospital is the biggest place and very specifically everything you need and that's what we brought down, so they could operate and take care of these kids and the other people. second thing we need to do what the people on the ground are working to do. they need to increase the distribution, the pace and scope of the distribution. more people need aid than have been able to get it but i think we're getting there. >> the death toll continues to rise, though. now expected to top 200,000 people. 70,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves. 1 1/2 million people are now homeless. >> meanwhile, the united states is now parachuting in supplies near port-au-prince. people running to the crates ripping them open. the u.s. had previously said airdrops were too dangerous and american forces are on ships near haiti as they continue to prepare to help with the relief effort. fox's jonathan sierry has more
6:36 am
from the deck of the u.s.s. baton. >> taking off from the u.s.s. baton, a marine assessment team flies over haiti to survey the damage and potential landing sites. more than 1,000 marines on board the vessel are prepared to land on the island helping with relief efforts. specifics of the mission are still developing. but marines and sailors are preparing for a variety of functions including medical support. this mass casualty drill is to test the preparedness of the baton's medical unit. with four operating rooms and capacity to provide beds for up to 600 patients, it is one of the navy's most extensive shipboard hospitals. the u.s. bighorn pulls alongside the baton to deliver fuel and other supplies. the sailors and marines on board the baton are prepared to stay near haiti for a month or longer to help the people of this battered island nation. >> that's jonathan sierry from the deck of the u.s.s. baton and the u.s.s. comfort hospital ship heading towards haiti. >> looks big from up there,
6:37 am
doesn't it? president obama will ask congress for an additional $1.5 billion in education funding. that's happening today. the money would be spent on grant programs for the states. the administration already plans awarding more than $4 billion in grants this year. the president will outline his plan later today in virginia. just don't know where we're getting it. >> meanwhile, we could get a ruling today in the david letterman extortion case. robert halderman, bob halderman as he's known is accused of blackmailing him with his affairs over staff members. he wants the judge to toss out the attempted grand larceny charge. prosecutors say halderman demanded $2 million to keep letterman's affairs a secret. if convicted, he could face up to 15 years behind bars. >> the more confusing your order is at starbucks, the more it's going to cost you. raising prices on certain complex drinks by as much as $0.35 in some large cities. that one location here in new york, it now costs more than $4
6:38 am
for a tall mocha latte. the move could be a risky one because sales at starbucks have been down for the past two years as mcdonald's and dunkin' donuts offer up lower price alternatives. i don't get it. if you ask -- one of the things that starbucks is known for, if you ask for a double cappuccino latte extra hit foam, they would do it for you. >> they will do it for you. but everything is an add on. >> now it is? >> it always has been. >> it always has been? >> yeah. >> never knew that. keep it simple. >> they're tired of kissing up to us, you know, the half caffe, half foam. >> all right, pumpkin latte, take it away with sports. >> are you calling him pumpkin? >> i go from -- i go from pumpkin to eggnog and right now, i'm looking for something to grab on to in the super bowl man. >> all right. >> this is for you, steve. a little bit of foam coming your way. we still are with college basketball where the texas longhorns stay at number one, while their stay at number one is over thanks to kansas state with a huge win in manhattan.
6:39 am
not this manhattan. that manhattan. they combined for 37 points, 20 rebounds and celebration still continues on campus. at this hour. huge news. several sources are reporteding that tiger woods has entered the sex addiction rehab program in mississippi. the addiction center called pine grove is said to be taking measures to keep the press from seeing the world's number one golfer and the most famous athlete on the planet. this clinic does not mess around. each patient must sign a celibacy contract meaning patients can't have -- steve's attention, what just happened? he just yelled out what? it's a sex addiction. you can't have sex in there and also, you cannot -- here's the other thing, you can't play golf. >> yeah. >> what about this news? i'm looking for -- kim kardashian -- you can sing "pants on the ground," though. kim kardashian will get married to reggie bush but only if new orleans wins the super bowl.
6:40 am
couple reportedly bet that if the saints win the super bowl, they would get hitched. bush and the saints host brett favre and the vikings and that will be -- and the winner goes to the super bowl in miami and, of course, that will be on fox. here's the story. if you watch that show, the kardashians are a little off beat. i'm wondering if reggie bush might throw the game. >> please. >> the vikings are going to win anyway. she's not going to get married. >> you really think so? on the road, 40-year-old brett favre. >> nobody believes me with the cowboys fortunate cowboys. i'm just saying. >> my whole youth was spent hoping that fran trakenton winning the super bowl and i see the image of that guy sitting on his helmet with his head down like this as the steelers, the chiefs and everybody else sent them into an oblivion. >> let's talk about president obama. in the last couple of weeks, he's been talking about this responsibility tax to the 50 top big banks to make up this $90 billion loss from tarp. but it seems like the banks are
6:41 am
the only ones who will be responsible for paying in what they call a fee which is actually a tax. here's what he said during his weekly address. >> we want the taxpayers' money back, all of it. and we're going to collect every dime. that's why this week, i proposed the new fee on major financial firms to compensate the american people for the extraordinary assistance they provided to the financial industry. the bigger the firm, and the more debt it holds, the larger the fee. >> ok, so he's calling it a fee but really, it is a tax so the financial -- financial crisis, responsibility tax goes to all those big companies unless you're talking about general motors, chrysler, fannie mae or freddie mac which also got billions and billions of dollars. >> how can that be? for example, if you were a major bank and you took the tarp money, you're responsible to pay it back. with interest. so morgan stanley, j.p. morgan, goldman sachs, how can you force
6:42 am
them to pay back money that was lent to car companies? >> yes, but he's president of the united states. so he's in charge right now. but this made us think about other things that he has done that give exceptions to some people like lobbyists. listen to what he said. >> if you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on or in the agencies you lobbied during the previous two years. >> so that's very clear that if you are a lobbyist, you will not be eligible to be in the administration. and yet, there have been a number of candidates who have wound up in the administration. they wound up getting waivers to be in it and there's one william lynne lobbyist for a defense contractor raytheon nominated by president obama to be deputy secretary of defense. that's just one of them. >> and then what about transparency? this actually president obama put joe biden, his vice president in charge of and here
6:43 am
is what the president had to say about the t word. >> way to make government responsible is to hold it accountable. and the way to make government accountable is make it transparent so the american people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how they're being made and whether their interests are being well served. >> and he did have transparency meetings and the vice president did hold them behind closed doors and no press is allowed in. >> also, the whole health care debate which got americans so steamed and is one of the reasons that the republican may win in massachusetts today is because the president promised they would be broadcast on c-span at least eight separate times on tape. and were they ever broadcast on c-span? no. >> not yet. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. the future of health care hinges on the coakley-brown race in massachusetts. if coakley wins, will the dems try -- if brown wins, try to ram through health care before the vote is certified? a closer look next. and a man is asked to move his
6:44 am
seat on a flight because he's sitting next to a child he is not related to. is the airline branding all men sex offenders? that man who could file a lawsuit says yes. he'll join us live. that cut the lumber... that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink. go to chase what matters.
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>> so what does massachusetts senate race mean to you and the future of health care? and how could it change the face of politics all across the country? we're joined by "wall street journal" columnist. good morning to you. you just returned from the commonwealth. >> yes. >> you said it was a scene unlike anything you've ever seen in your long political life. >> it beats even the california recall of 2003. there's a popular uprising up there and the patriots have decided who the red coats are. >> and senator kerry has come out and said, hey, calm down, you people from outside massachusetts. you're pulling off signs, you're intimidating voters. what is he getting at? are you seeing any of that?
6:48 am
>> look, obviously, emotions are running high. there are probably excesses on both sides that the candidates are not responsible for. candidates are doing a good job saying things they shouldn't say and getting off talking about the issues. mostly it's been an issue campaign. >> one of the things you looked into a lot is acorn and during the presidential election last year, acorn was out in full force. frankly, at polling places where people were coming to vote. do you think that we're going to see acorn in the massachusetts race and on the flip side, a lot of tea party members? >> it's interesting because a democratic polling firm asked people do you think acorn will try to steal this election? 25% said yes. including one out of six democrats. but i don't see a major problem today for two reasons. one is i think acorn is a shadow of itself because of all of the scandals that have diminished its resources and fundraising and secondly, i believe -- well, there wasn't enough time to try
6:49 am
anything here. for example, absentee ballot fraud is often the easiest thing to try to do. you just mail in the fraudulent ballot. absentee ballot deadline was last friday. remember, a week ago, nobody thought scott brown was even going to win. so i don't think there was even enough time to gather an operation together. >> what does it mean for health care? >> it means astonishingly despite the entire country, even massachusetts saying we don't like this health care bill, it looks as if nancy pelosi and harry reid will try to stuff some kind of bill through before scott brown is seated in the united states senate. the most likely scenario is nancy pelosi will just tell her house members you have to vote for the senate bill, no changes and we'll just pass it and then it doesn't have to go to the senate. but i don't think that's going to be possible because i think there are going to be so many nervous democrats now who say, you know, every time you've told us what to do, we've done it. and look what a fine mess you've gotten us into. >> excellent question, one word answer.
6:50 am
who wins? >> i did not think this until yesterday. i think brown wins by at least four points. >> wow. >> if it's four points, they still have to wait for the certification period? >> in theory, yes, but, you know, in reality ted kennedy was sworn in as a senator the day after he won a special election in 1962. nicky was sworn in two days later. apparently, this is a very flexible rule. >> interesting precedent to note. we'll have to wait and see what happens today in the election. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a follow-up to a story we told you about yesterday. an airline british airways forcing men to change their seats if they're sitting next to a child they're not related to. our next guest says that happened to him. and it amounts to all men being labeled as sex offenders. >> high powered rifles used by our troops in iraq and afghanistan are inscribed with biblical codes. winter can be beautiful.
6:51 am
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>> in an effort to protect minors who are traveling alone, british airways prohibits any man from being seated next to a child that's not his own or that he's not related to. >> uh-huh. >> but could this be considered sex discrimination? one man thinks so and he's filing a lawsuit now against the airline who made him move his seat. >> he joins us on phone right now and he's in copenhagen where he lives. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> thank you very much. let's go back to april 2009. you and your wife were traveling. she was booked on a window seat and you were on a middle seat and british airways was about to seat a minor child next to you. they thought wait a minute, the kid is not related to you. what did they say? >> it went a little different. i had been located on the window
6:55 am
seat and my wife the middle seat but she was quite heavily pregnant and she wanted to take some rest and therefore wanted to sit at the window. >> right. tell us what the flight attendant said. >> well, the flight attendant, apparently it seems to be policy of british airways that i found out and also airlines that no male is allowed to -- is allowed to sit next to a child so he approached me and asked me to swap seats with my wife. at that point, i asked him why and he explained to me that it is company policy and i began to ask why and he said it seemed inappropriate and only then i realized what all this thing was about. also, he mentioned that the plane could not leave without me changing seats so i gave in because, you know, there's no place on this planet which has less privacy than a plane so people in front of me and behind me started looking and it was a very uncomfortable and humiliating situation.
6:56 am
>> right. you took it as all men are being discriminated against at least by british airways and being labeled as sex offender, right? >> well, i mean, i had tried to -- i sent a letter of complaint to british airways to come to an out of court agreement and they confirmed to me that they have this policy in place, yes. >> here's what british airways says. they've issued a statement. "we have offered the service on all flights for many years for children ages between 5 and 11 years old who are traveling alone. given that some of these flights last up to 13 hours and are overnight, we take the responsibility of caring for these children whose safety and security has been entrusted to us extremely seriously." can you understand their point of view? >> well, i mean, yes. but i mean, the question is what kinds of message are we giving to our children and especially our sons? because they also have other measures to do that. i mean, they could have a separate room, you know, just for kids as airfrance has or they can leave the seat next to the kid empty which i think
6:57 am
everyone would be fine with. >> right. >> or they could just sit it next to the cabin crew and no one would have an issue with that either. >> all good ideas. >> but they decided to ban all men from sitting next to kids. and i think it sends a terrible message to all our youngsters. >> right. and you also mentioned that many times, it's actually family members of a child who are the offenders. so interesting that a stranger would face the consequences. well, you're taking your suit to the courts. we will continue to follow the story. thank you for joining us today. >> you're more than welcome. have a good day. >> all right. we will. meanwhile, we know the special election in massachusetts today will probably affect the future of health care if it goes one way. but did you also know it could affect your retirement? no matter where you live. stewart varney explains coming up shortly. >> president obama announcing $1.3 billion to improve the education system today. some schools are actually lowering their testing standards. so will this money be well spent? it's not pretty. it's my dry skin, and it's deep down uncomfortable.
6:58 am
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>> we hope you're having a great tuesday morning so far. it's january 19, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. well, the polls, they're now open in massachusetts in an election that could change america? but dems already preparing for a loss with that secret plan to still get health care through. glenn beck hot under the collar with that one. he's coming up. >> not wearing a collar. fighting with the higher power. u.s. soldiers using weapons in the middle east that are inscribed with biblical messages. is that legal? is that constitutional? we report, you decide. >> meanwhile, high school exit exams got easier in one state and many others are also lowering their standards. is this doing a disservice to all of our children? we'll have a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from deanna in georgia. kicking back at home, turning up the sound, watching "fox & friends" with my pants on the ground! ♪ pants on the ground
7:02 am
everybody! >> ♪ pants on the ground pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ >> as i pointed out last hour, i have no pants to put on the ground. >> you are wearing a skirt. if it's skirt on the gound, we have another song. possibly a laverne and shirley of this song. we have to ask you, friends of for slogans that have pants on the ground as a theme. >> sure. send them our way. glenn beck is coming our way in the on-deck circle. he'll be with us after the news headlines. gretchen? >> let's talk about haiti this morning. looting and violence hampering the delivery of relief supplies into the country. the u.n. is expected to approve more peacekeeping forces. search continues for victims. death toll is expected to top 200,000 people with 70,000 bodies already recovered and buried in mass graves.
7:03 am
the quake has left more than a million and a half people homeless. many residents now fleeing the capital city, port-au-prince heading for the countryside where food and shelter apparently are more available. meantime, as the calls for relief donations continue, haitian born musician wyclef jean is denying accusations he used money from his haiti clarity for his own personal gain. >> i do not cry for myself that i cry for them. have we made mistakes before? yes. did i ever use yele money for personal benefits? absolutely not. >> check out this picture. amazing picture here. evacuees on a u.s. air force jet, nearly 200 evacuees are packed into a c-17 on their way to orlando. the leader of the yemeni shiite
7:04 am
rebels fighting the government has been seriously wounded. yemen state media reporting that one had been wounded and he's back in his home village. shiite rebels have been battling yemen government forces since 2004. yemen using its security forces to try to root out al-qaida from that country. the father of missing 8-month-old gabriel johnson is pleading to the baby's mother to help find him. >> i just want her to be honest and say, you know, i think about it every single day whether he's dead or alive. i want to believe he is alive. i want her to tell the truth. >> that's logan mcquary speaking at a news conference yesterday in arizona. people say the baby's mother fled arizona with their son back in december. she was later arrested in miami and is not saying where her son currently is. long awaited justice for a community in kentucky.
7:05 am
>> ♪ and guide her >> the 10 commandments are now allowed to be on display again inside a county courthouse there. hundreds gathering to celebrate. an appellate court struck down an injunction barring them from public property. this is the end of an 8-year long legal battle. the aclu sued saying the primary intent of the display was religious. and those are your headlines. >> this must be big. we have special animation. voters in massachusetts head to the polls today to elect a senator to fill ted kennedy's seat. that's the seat he had held until his death. today's outcome could change health care for the country and change the political landscape in washington. joining us from newton, mass right now is molly lion. molly, you're there in a gymnasium it looks like? we're expecting a pretty big turnout, aren't we? >> yes, we are. the secretary of state william galvin says he's expecting 1.6 million to 2.2 million voters to show up here today. that's out of four million
7:06 am
registered voters. that's expected to be double at least what they saw at the december 8th primary. i can tell you already, this is where we were for this december 8th primary and i think we've already seen more voters come through this morning than we had on the morning of december 8th where 16% of the voting population showed up. here in the state of massachusetts, interesting demographics heading into this race. it's 3-1 democrats to republicans. but half of the state's voters are independent voters. so this race could really come down to who turns out and if those independent voters show up today, despite the fact that we're expecting a little bit of rain, a little bit of snow. so this comes down to who is passionate about their candidates, we'll see who ends up winning tonight. but right now, already, we're seeing a bigger turnout than we did on december 8th. >> thank you very much, molly. it's going to be exciting. guess who is here. glenn beck is here, he's very excited because the massachusetts election and you have a documentary that airs friday, the revolution holocaust, live free or die. >> yeah. this is -- this is a
7:07 am
documentary, the first one we've produced that is on the truth that you're not taught about castro, stalin, all of these dictators and where it came from. you're going to learn a little bit about the progressive movement and where those thoughts lead. i've never been told -- i've been on the air for four years, one year today at fox. i've never been told by my producers you have to prepare the audience for what they're going to see on friday in advance because it's too much. it is shocking that we have a master in history that's been working on this since august. i went into her office and said how is it coming? she said quite frankly i'm hacked off. i said why? she said because i have my master's in history and i want to know why i didn't learn any of this. >> you will see film that you've never seen before. >> that's going to be this friday. now, let's talk about what molly
7:08 am
line is covering up in boston. >> yeah. >> this scott brown-martha coakley really has become a referendum on health care and also one party rule in washington, d.c. >> yes. >> and democrats are freaking out. >> they should. they should. however, i don't think this is going to change the course of washington. i think barack obama and those in the white house, the uber progressive left are going to step on the accelerator. >> you do? >> absolutely. >> they're sending out that signal. rahm emanuel is sending out the signal they were going to step it up and the change people believe in hasn't yet happened. >> these people are -- i mean, the cultural reference that i think people can understand is i think those who are deciding the course of our country are thelma and louise. and -- >> about to take us over a cliff. >> they're about to take us over a cliff. >> where's brad pitt? >> regardless of what he may want personally speaking of the president, would he not take the
7:09 am
page out of bill clinton and become more moderate? >> in 22001, in 2004, when they put michael moore in the presidential box with jimmy carter, i went on the air and i said democrats, run for your life. you don't mainstream this group and they were using the progressive movement as fuel. michael moore has already come out and said that he will raise money and he'll destroy the democrats if they don't finish the job. this is their chance. remember, we're not talking about democrats. we're talking about progressives. this is their chance to fundamentally transform america. if they lose it, andrew sullivan from the atlantic today, he's thrown up his arms and says, it's over. progressives are not going to take that lightly. >> do you think it is the staff around the president of the united states because we had so many questions about what he wanted to do. here's a guy that adjusted on the fly during his campaign, said i was the anti-iraq candidate, then he realized it
7:10 am
was about the economy. he changed on the fly. why don't you think he would change now? >> because i think he is -- i think he is a progressive at heart. i think he is -- i mean, here's a guy who taught it, you look at the tactics and this is -- after we show you the ramifications on friday on what happens when you go down this road, we'll show you their play book all next week. we'll teach you all next week at 5:00 about the progressive play book so you can see it because they're executing it. one right after another. >> maybe not with health care. and one of the polls now about the presidential approval rating, 52% of americans disapprove of the president. a lot of that would be about health care reform, wouldn't it? >> absolutely. absolutely. but again, it is -- they know better than you. remember, the progressive movement brought you prohibition, the i.r. s., they brought you the fed and it was all about the elites knowing better than you. well, what is this? i mean, they're telling us --
7:11 am
no, they don't even know. we're going to do it anyway. it's about power, control and knowing better than you. >> listen, mitt romney will be with us coming up later on this hour. we're going to continue to have this conversation, 7:50 eastern time regarding what's going on up in massachusetts. meanwhile, the president of the united states, usually it is the congress that invites the president up to capitol hill to do the state of the union address. they say ok, we'd like you here on tuesday, such and such. well, yesterday, it was announced by the white house which is a little unusual that the state of the union address is going to be on january 27th. i understand you have gotten into the state of the union business business. >> i have? >> yes. >> you have your own. >> that's something my producers failed to tell me. the -- if you're asking me -- >> what is the state of the union about? >> if you ask me what the state of the union is, i could go two ways. i could be pessimistic or optimistic. let me be optimistic. >> let's do that. >> let me show you the voters in
7:12 am
massachusetts. the people that voted for democrats and have traditionally, people who voted for barack obama are recognizing the path that we're on and they're putting country above party. they're using their brain and saying i'm not going to get bogged down in this game that everybody is playing. i'm going to do what i believe is right. and i think that's great. when people start to put country over party, it's going to be great. >> and it's key because it's the moderates who generally determine elections and up in massachusetts, according to the polls, the moderates are breaking. >> you look at the independents and remember, the independents, last poll i saw, independents outnumber now democrats and republica republicans. that's a good sign. >> in the state of massachusetts or generally in the country? >> generally in the country. >> massachusetts is up to 51% saying i'm not with the party. we'll be watching today, tomorrow and the next day but friday, your big special. be looking forward to that. >> thank you, glenn beck. we'll be watching today at 5:00. >> you got it.
7:13 am
>> that's the way i roll. >> coming up on the show, president obama already said there was a systemic failure when came to stopping the attempted bombing of a plane on christmas day. up next, new information shows us how many clues were missed. >> rifles used by the military in iraq and afghanistan are inscribed with codes from the new testament. is it against the law? does it embolden our enemies? overly sensitive skin? you would never know. introducing aveeno ultra-calming with active naturals feverfew. we know feverfew... has properties that help neutralize irritation... to strengthen skin and calm redness in just one week. discover new aveeno ultra-calming.
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7:16 am
>> we now know the c.i.a. in africa not only had intelligence of the would be christmas day bomber before he boarded the plane but able to distribute a photo to him for other counterterrorism agencies. our next guest says it's because of the way the current administration has chosen to handle the war on terror that we didn't get. the former chief speechwriter for george w. bush and the
7:17 am
author of this brand new book and it's called "courting disaster, how the c.i.a. kept america safe and how barack obama is inviting the next attack." a powerful statement in your subtitle. why do you feel that way? >> we're in great danger because we had one of the most important and successful intelligence programs in history, the c.i.a. program to interrogate these terrorists and he's eliminated it and today, we are not trying to capture, interrogate and get information from senior terrorist leaders. >> mark, you open up your book in a compelling way. you say i should not be allowed to write this book. you're going to read things you've never read before because of the -- and that very reason is is the reason we're not as safe as we should be. >> barack obama has declassified all the secrets behind how we successfully stop the next 9/11. he's put these documents out. the al-qaida terrorists are reading them in their caves and he has used that to try to argue that we committed torture. we did not commit torture but now, because the documents are out, i can tell the true story about what happened. >> 2006, 9/11, flight 931
7:18 am
disappears from united airlines. air canada flight bound for montreal has disappeared. american flight 131 gone. flight 925 jumps offer the radar, american flight 91 bound for chicago also disappeared. that was an attack that al-qaida was planning. why didn't it happen? >> it didn't happen because we interrogated a few years ago, we had interrogated and captured khalid sheik muhammad. he had to blow up planes over the pacific ocean earlier and he had adjusted it and a c.i.a. analyst that were watching a cell in britain and a c.i.a. analyst noticed they were doing the same thing that khalid sheik muhammad had told him in his interrogation briefing. he told the british that this is what they were up to and the british said no, you're wrong. a week later, they came back and said you're right. only reason we knew what they were up to is the interrogation. >> that's why we can't bring liquids on planes today. >> most people don't remember that attack. that's the only reason we remember it. >> and khalid sheik muhammad before he was going through
7:19 am
enhancing interrogation was not saying a word. after he was done, he was pulling a glenn beck. he was standing on the chalk board saying al-qaida, this is how we work and this is how cooperative he ended up being and coming to new york. mark, a great book. we just scratched the surface most of which the average person will pick up and say i never heard that before. thanks so much for writing it. >> thanks for having me. >> meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, rifles carried by our troops in the middle east are indescrii inscribed with biblical references. a u.s. reservist who is a first amendment attorney will examine it and he was the last republican to run for the state of massachusetts. mitt romney joins us live with his thoughts on the senate race possibly going to the republicans. former governor joins us. don't go away. sfx: coin drop
7:20 am
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>> time for your news by the
7:23 am
numbers. first, 8800. that's how many tickets maryland's highway officials issued during the first six weeks, weeks of the speed enforcement camera program. they take pics of vehicles going at least 12 miles per hour above the speed limit. next 2016, that's the year analysts predict the ring tone industry will be gone. it used to be a billion dollar industry but text messaging is killing it. and i never even got a ring tone yet. finally, 250 feet. that's how tall a vertical garden will stand. architects and federal officials in oregon are planning the project in downtown portland to shave the side of an 18-story office building. see? >> that is a big garden. meanwhile, gretchen, interesting inscriptions have been uncovered on some of our military's weapons. these rifle sights made by a michigan company contain what looks like coded references to the bible. the sights are used by u.s. troops in afghanistan and also iraq. but u.s. military rules specifically prohibit pushing any religion in iraq or
7:24 am
afghanistan or anywhere. the marine corps and army have denied knowing the inscriptions existed so here's a question. do these biblical markings violate the separation of church and state? let's talk to former training officer, u.s. reserves and first amendment attorney joins us from the big d down in dallas. good morning to you, sir. >> hey, good morning. thanks for having me. >> great to have you. let's talk about this -- there apparently are a number of quotations from corinthians, one of them simply says and there you can see one right down there, another one says jn8:12. that is interpreted to me, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life. how do you feel about having these religious inscriptions on these rifle sights? >> well, i think if this
7:25 am
private company wants to include in a long series of serial numbers some -- some sequence of the numbers and letters at the end that have some sort of biblical reference, i mean, that's their right to do that and frankly, i think it would be discrimination to try to do something to cancel their contract simply because of that. >> the military religious freedom foundation says it's wrong and it violates the constitution and the federal laws as well regarding separation of church and state. >> well, if that was true, then we would not be allowed to display the declaration of independence in the national archives because of its explicit reference to a creator. >> i think it's interesting to go back to what you had said a moment ago and that is this particular company up in michigan is a private firm. and, you know, they've been doing this for years and years and for the military now to say, oh, we didn't know that it was on there, what do you make of that? >> well, you know, the big
7:26 am
brass never knows what the soldiers on the ground know about whatever the serial numbers are. but here's what i'll tell you, it's -- the biggest thing is the biggest issue here is that this company has a right to define its logos and define the way it does its serial numbers any way it wants and this is a -- this scope that they're imprinted upon is a light amplification references. this is no different than any other play on words. >> before you go, how would you feel about having to carry one of these? >> well, hey, when i was in, i wish we had these sights on our m-16's, we had old iron sights and it was tough. i would love to have a light amplification system like they makes. it would be awesome. >> a lot of people say they find the passage now that they know about it comforting. thank you very much for joining us today from dallas. >> hey, thanks for having me. >> you bet. folks out there in tv land,
7:27 am
email us right now. what do you think? does that bother you? do you feel it's -- that church and state should be separated regarding these little coded references to the bible? email us right now, friends at we know the special election in massachusetts will affect the future of health care. do you know it also could affect your retirement? no matter where you live, stewart varney joins us with that in less than 10 minutes and former senate majority leader and dr. bill fritz on the ground in haiti and performing surgery after surgery. we're there with him to find out what he's finding first hand on "fox & friends." that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points worth 25% more when redeemed for air travel. make your mark with ink.
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>> half past the hour of 7:00 right now. let's get you updated on the situation in haiti. looting is fast becoming a big problem as relief workers try to get desperately needed supplies to earthquake victims. scattered violence reported now in the capital of port-au-prince. police are asking men to be on the lookout for potential looters but everyone needs food and water. u.n. may beef up security forces there. as for the death toll, it is bigger than previously thought. authorities now say as many as 200,000 people may be dead. so far, 70,000 bodies have been found and then buried in mass graves. 1 1/2 million people now homeless. when it comes to those supplies, they are trickling through parachutes filled the sky as the u.s. conducts its first airdrop.
7:32 am
the u.s. has decided to do airdrops after previously thinking they would be too dangerous. those parachutes are bringing food, water and medical supplies. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea were among those visiting a hospital in haiti where medical supplies are tough to come by. supplies are so scarce that some doctors are using vodka in place of anesthesia. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah. >> a lot of alcohol in it. meanwhile, doctors from all over the world are in haiti helping the wounded. fox's grif jenkins caught up with doctor and former senator bill fritz who has been helping out in the relief effort. >> not your first time to do this, you've had a long history of doing it even when you were in the senate. what you've seen here, it's been just hours since you landed this morning in port-au-prince airport and now you're in the thick of it. showing the burden of what these doctors are having, you're going to be the relief. did you expect this? >> oh, it's five days. right now, we're five, six days
7:33 am
out to the earthquake itself and we have had doctors here going around the clock, 19, 20 hours a day, operating well into the night so we're able to bring personnel in but you can still behind me, we probably have 200 people here waiting that have not been seen. some of them will die tonight, some of them will die in the next hour. we'll work as hard as we can. done a tremendous job coming in and -- >> we're stopping the interview for a moment. a child coming through. it gives just a tremendous commentary of how serious the situation is that you and i are having an interview and a small child is coming in directly into surgery. how do you explain that to the viewers? >> we have people from four different countries here and a lot of them can't speak english. when you're in an operating like this, you trust the connection,
7:34 am
it comes out and it comes out in a very real way. >> very real way. frist who volunteers with the international group relief samaritans purse also helped out following the 2004 asian tsunami. and hurricane katrina. >> now, some of the other headlines. security is beefed up today in afghanistan one day after a taliban assault left 12 people dead. the attack raising concerns about the government's ability to protect its people. at least 20 taliban militants reportedly stormed the capital. afghan troops and nato advisors were able to maintain order after nearly five hours of fighting. residents say the government needs to do more to stop the attackers from crossing the afghan border. >> a california teenager caught with a gun off campus appeals before his school board is happening today. gary tedesko was booted from school last fall for having a hunting rifle in his truck parked near the school. remember we covered this story? he's trying to get his expulsion reversed. his lawyers argue the teen's
7:35 am
truck was parked on an off campus street so the school rule should not apply. school officials say with shootings around the country in recent years, they have to be extra strict. >> apple has just announced their plans for a big event a week from tomorrow where the company is expected to unveil what they're calling their latest creation. our own clayton morris was lucky enough to receive an invite to the san francisco event in his inbox. clayton says he believes apple will use the event to launch its tablet iphone four device seen here in an artist's rendition. >> that is so cool. >> meanwhile, big storms are battering southern california. evacuations ordered for hundreds of homes. officials fear mudslides could devastate the region including the area scarred by wildfires last summer. people are being told now get out. >> we are begging you to leave when you're ordered and if you stay, you may be not only risking yourself, not only risking your family but you may
7:36 am
well be risking the first responders that have to go in there and try to rescue you as well. >> that's right. and put them in peril. elsewhere, 44,000 residents have lost power already. a flash flood warning is in effect for parts of southern california today. let's go ahead and take a look at the radar and the doppler and find out what's going on in southern california. yep, you can see the storm continues all the way from portions of washington state down through oregon and california. it's just moving out. actually, it's kind of dry right now in los angeles county but it will continue later on today. also, we got a bit of rain from the mid atlantic turning into snow through portions of the big northeastern corner cities. right now in caribou, maine, 21. it is chilly as you can see in the northern plains. temperatures in the teens. and then from new york city where it is 42 degrees like 42nd street, down to temperatures in the 40's and 50's. later on today, things will warm up and it will be a pretty nice tuesday in raleigh. 65. about the same for atlanta.
7:37 am
a little cooler from the northern plains but all and all, a nice day. of course, turnout regarding massachusetts is important because it's -- it's going to be really cold up there and there's ice on the ground as well. >> all right. are you concerned about the money in your 401k? who's not, right? you may want to make a call to massachusetts and get some people out to the polls? well, that's because our next guest and a friend says that your portfolio could look much better if scott brown wins ted kennedy's vacant senate seat. who's that friend? stewart varney is here, he's the host of the new show on the fox business channel. scott brown wins, our 401k's are going to benefit? >> well, it's possible. think of it this way. if scott brown wins, i mean, that is a revolution in massachusetts politics and sends an enormous message, a very powerful message to the democrats in congress and to the white house that hey, we don't
7:38 am
like your domestic policy. reverse course. if scott brown wins, that message gets heard and you've got 10 months before the next big election, time to reverse the tax, spend and borrow and deficit storing that we've had for the past year. investors would love that. your 401k could do well because of that. >> people are saying the stock market could go up if it looks like he's going to win, happening today. that, of course, if you're 100% stocks, that would raise it up in the short term but i want to tell you what the president's message is. health care knocks down the deficit. and if you pass health care, that will be a way of attacking the deficit and if you have scott brown, you're not going to have health care. >> do you know anybody who really believes the health care plan as it's being formulated will actually bring down the deficit over the long term? >> president barack obama. and rahm emanuel. >> forgive me for saying it, i think they're wrong. this is going to create a massive new entitlement program as it now stands. you're going to have 10 years of taxes and you're only going to have six years of benefits in
7:39 am
that first 10 years, you are rigging the numbers to make it look like it's going to be financially beneficial. it is not. almost every estimate that i've seen of the plan as it now stands says it adds to the deficit in the long run. it does not cut it. >> ok. so, you know, we don't know exactly what will happen with health care. >> right. >> because the democrats have said, we might try to get it through with just 51 votes in the senate which they can do, of course. they refer to that as -- >> yeah, but that kind of parliamentary maneuvering looks very bad for the democrats. >> of course it does. >> they are looking at re-election, every member of the house is up for re-election in november, they're going to think twice before they ram it through with parliamentary maneuvers to affect 1/6th of the u.s. economy. massachusetts says no, we don't want it. >> that's health care. what about the so-called cap and tax with the whole environmental thing and green house gases and things like that? is that dead? >> what that means to voters is higher energy prices that you and i and everybody else watching this program have to pay.
7:40 am
that is not popular. so if you reverse that, well, that's what investors want to see, again, i would say your 401k looks better if we reverse cap and trade, if we reverse on health care, if we reverse on a second stimulus plan, all this spending and borrowing on taxes. >> that's some of the magic we're going to see on varney & company. some of the magic, it begins every weekday morning at what time? 9:20? >> 9:20. >> fantastic. >> that first show that's ever started not on the top or half of the hour. they're starting a new trend, stuart. >> i love it. >> i do, too. >> magical, please, brian. >> use that word again, will you? >> there you go. >> jay leno, 11:35. >> you got that right. >> are you linking me with mr. leno? >> yes indeed. the magician, david copperfield of cash. >> thank you, gentlemen, ladies, thank you. he was the last republican to run the state of massachusetts as governor. former top executive mitt romney joins us live with his thoughts on today's big senate race up
7:41 am
there and why he believes voters want change. >> and many educators believe standardized testing is a bad measure of a student's ability. so many states are watering them down now apparently. even tossing them out. kids have to take them to graduate. is this a good idea? >> your verizon trivia question of the day. ún [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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7:45 am
testing for high school students. a growing number of states are softening their standards now and adding alternative paths to a diploma. critics say the move will dumb down our kids. chester finn is the president of thomas b. fordham institute and monte neil is the director of the national center for fair and open testing. they join us for a fair and balanced debate. good morning to you, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> all right, chester, let me start with you. i've actually heard from some parents whose kids have passed these tests on their way to getting their high school diploma and heard from parents whose kids have failed the tests multiple times. what's the right answer? >> the tests in most states are hard to fail and most states give you lots and lots of chances to pass them so if you fail it after many chances, you very likely haven't learned very much in middle school let alone high school because most of these tests are pegged to about an eighth grade level. so unless you've got a disability or something in which case they do have special arrangements, these tests aren't hard to pass. the parents of kids who don't
7:46 am
pass them ought to be -- ought to be pretty critical of their school system and pretty worried about their child. >> so you think these tests should stay in place? >> well, sure. they've got to -- the states have to have the political fortitude to take them seriously and also the educational capacity to prepare girls and boys to pass them. >> monte, i know that you disagree. you say that these tests should just be thrown out because they're meaningless. >> they're pretty meaningless in part because they are low level because the major problem is you should never use just one test as the basis for making important decisions about kids in schools. that's what the measurement profession says about these tests. they are -- some people don't learn well under those kinds of tests and you need other sorts of measures where you can determine if they actually know the kinds of knowledge that we expect them to learn. we've got to be able to look at their real work coming out of the classrooms with some sort of independent lens with an
7:47 am
occasional monitoring system in order to find out if the kids are learning the things that we as a society expect them to learn. can't do it with a one shot test. >> one fortunaof the things tha point to, if the kids don't get their diplomas as a result of failing these tests, it's a bigger social consequence for us? in what way? >> absolutely. kids who don't get diplomas are more likely to end up in prison. they're less likely to be employed. they're more likely to have families that are -- that break up and so the social costs of having these tests is very high. but the benefits of those tests have never been established. in fact, they have -- they don't predict anything about college. they don't predict anything about how well you'll do on the job. so we have something that pretends, it's like a magic bullet or something. >> chester, why do we need them? aren't kids already being tested in the classroom and they either pass or fail to get their diploma? why do we have these state test? >> because states have decided that school and educators left
7:48 am
to their own devices will not necessarily enforce real standards or a common body of knowledge. >> that's scary. isn't that scary? >> well, yeah, it's alarming. but think of these tests as kind of an external audit of whether kids learn what they should have learned in school. of course, that shouldn't be the only measure. they also should pass their courses. they also should attend school. but giving people a fake diploma that signifies no education and dooms them to remedial classes in college or dropping out of college, doesn't do anybody a favor. >> that's why we had this debate today, because there are two sides to this story. thanks for the interesting conversation. >> pleasure. >> thank you. >> it is an election that will affect the entire country. and it's in the home state of former governor mitt romney. so why haven't we seen him out there recently with candidate scott brown? we'll ask the governor live next. and today, of course, is january 19th on your calendar,
7:49 am
snow fell in miami, florida, the only recorded snowfall in the city's history. and on this date in 1993, ibm announced a $4.97 billion loss. the largest single year quart corporate loss in america history. what was number one on the country charts this date in 2000? you got it right. "breathe" by faith hill. right back with mitt romney. [ male announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum attention to detail, from individually operated dvd players, child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces and wireless headsets, to its voluminous storage compartments. make it the hero to any family. ew! ew! [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] the volkswagen routan with 0% apr and 3 years or 36,000 miles of care free maintenance.
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7:52 am
>> the answer to the trivia question of the day is shawn johnson. the winner is erin meadows and where does she live? florida. she won't give out her exact address. we'll go with florida. >> send something to her down there. >> ok.
7:53 am
>> republican candidate scott brown leading the polls going into today's special election in the commonwealth of massachusetts. in the most recent poll, that one right there, the political poll, it has him up by nine. 52-43. >> wow. who would have thunk, right? what's behind the surge of support in a state that's historically favored the democratic candidate. joining us now, the last republican to run the state, former governor and presidential candidate mitt romney. good morning to you, governor ooch. >> good morning. >> you're a big supporter of scott brown but you have not been seen in massachusetts rallying for him, why? >> well, i've been out of state. i've been doing what i can. we've done a bunch of fundraisers for scott. i've been making media appearanc appearances. my team is helping run his campaign. given your ratings in massachusetts i've been seen by a lot more viewers in massachusetts than i would at
7:54 am
the corner holding a sign. >> wait a minute, massachusetts is profoundly democratic and for this republican upstart to suddenly be leading this woman who is ahead in the polls by 30 points a couple of months ago, that's extraordinary. if he does pull off the upset and wins, what is the message to barack obama about his agenda? >> well, i personally think it's a very clear indication that people in massachusetts like folks around the country are affected by some of the same issues such as a very weakened economy and they're upset about the ineptitude that's coming from washington and they're upset about the arrogance. there's a sense that we in washington know better than the people, we're going to jam through whatever we want to do in health care, cap and trade or spending and borrowing and our stimulus bills and even though the people think they're wrong and the evidence is they're wrong, we know better than the people. that kind of attitude, i think, has a lot of people here very, very concerned and i think it's a sentiment that's growing around the country. >> the attorney general, martha
7:55 am
coakley is running and she has had a unique approach to running for office in that she seems to want to alienate everybody. whether it's catholics in emergency rooms, whether it's red sox fans or hockey fans, doesn't want to shake hands. so it makes me think, is she blowing it or is scott brown winning it? >> this is a lot bigger than a couple of gaffes by martha coakley. this is overwhelmingly a outpouring and a surge of support for scott brown and for his vision. he's been having rallies the last few days where thousands of people have been showing up. they closed down main street and you had four blocks of people cheering for scott brown. this is a -- this is a movement, this is not about a candidate's strengths and weaknesses. this is big and it's something which i think you're going to see going across the nation. if you continue to have the kind of, if you will, neo-royalist attitude coming out of washington, people are saying no, this is a democracy. people want to be heard.
7:56 am
>> could a big chunk of it be the people in massachusetts have already experienced universal health care, so to speak? i mean, i know you were behind this when you were governor but there were many changes to your plan. and maybe this is the one state that really knows what health care reform, according to obama would be all about. what do you think about that? >> oh, i think health care has a lot to do with this and massachusetts showed and scott brown, by the way, supported the health care system here in massachusetts, still does, as i do. massachusetts has shown you can solve this problem without cutting medicare, without the so-called public option, without the government stepping in and doing special deals with unions or senators from other states. let me tell you, obama care would be a very raw deal for people here in massachusetts. because we already have a system that's working here. 98% of our people are insured. and if we had a federal, government one size fits all plan, obama care, if you will, people here in massachusetts would have to pay more taxes, see their medicare cut.
7:57 am
they don't want obama care. they'd rather have what we have here. >> prediction before you go, who is going to win? >> i think scott brown is going to win. i think it's going to surprise a lot of people. he's going to win pretty significantly. i think there's a very strong attitude here. we want to send washington a signal, no more monarchy reign from on high. >> joining us from newton, mass, mitt romney, thank you very much for joining us live. >> great to be with you guys. >> whether it's an off year election and special election, it's so intriguing. meanwhile, straight ahead, in 15 minutes, we'll hear from martha coakley's camp and get their reaction to governor mitt romney and what he just said. >> i'm sure she'll be delighted he thinks the other guy is going to win. >> she might disagree. >> she's not the only one saying it. laura ingram gives us her report card top of the hour. go back to sleep america.
7:58 am
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8:01 am
voters heading to the polls in massachusetts where scott brown is now ahead of martha coakley. the results could turn national politics on its head and already nervous dems pointing the finger at each other. >> a huge stimulus package, two wars, health care reform, it's been a busy first year for president obama. >> how did he do? laura ingram will go ahead and issue her grade card coming up shortly. >> fighting with the higher power. soldiers using weapons in the middle east inscribed with biblical messages? but is it legal? is it constitutional? we're going to report. you decide. i'm a bit surprised by that. this is from emily in louisiana. get out of bed, jump all around, now i'm watching "fox & friends" with my pants on the ground. a lot of people dusting off their pants and jumping around to get to the polls in massachusetts this morning.
8:02 am
voters -- >> dusting off their pants? >> honey, haven't worn my pants in a while. >> of the 4.1 million registered vote increase massachusetts, they are expecting 2.1 to show up. that's double the number that showed up december 8 in a nonbig election. >> a lot to do with putting on their pants and getting out there. let's talk with molly line to see what she's seeing so far. >> good morning. we're starting to see a little snow. i don't know how much effect that will have on these new england voters. folks here are used to snow. it's not so bad. thus far, we've seen a steady stream. we were here on december 8. we've seen far more voters come in for the special election day for this contest than we saw back then. already we're seeing evidence of a bigger turnout. 1.6, up to 2.2 million voters will be coming out. that's well over the 16% that came out december 8.
8:03 am
already we're getting a nice strong trickle coming in in the newton community service center. democrats outnumber the republicans three to one. this is a democratic stronghold, the entire delegation is all democrat. currently. so they have a slight advantage as far as those numbers are concerned, but half the voters in the state are independent voters. that's really where the power in this race will lie. it will be interesting to see where they come down and if they show up on what's a competitive race. >> i was reading one thing, i think in one of the boston papers that talked about the enthusiasm gap between scott brown supporters and martha coakley. it's like the scott brown supporters are really vocal, they're calling all their friends saying we got to vote, whereas some of the coakley supporters are going, yeah, i'll vote for her, if i have to. >> you know, it's funny, the perception in massachusetts is because this is often is democratic stronghold, democrats are used to having power.
8:04 am
scott brown is one of five republican state senators in the state right now. so for republicans, this is really invigorated their base because they're not used to having a race being so close to see this dead heat. they're like, wow, we've got a shot, they're coming out and trying to make that happen. not to say that voters in massachusetts never elect republicans. before the current drastic governor was -- democratic governor was elected, it happened. i think what we've seen on the campaign trail and the crowds that we're seeing, there is an enthusiasm because you don't get to see this that often in such a blue state. >> besides, that is a seat held for decades by ted kennedy. all right. molly. by the way, we'll have more on the race with laura ingram, she's standing by in our dc bureau. >> we have to do a couple other news headlines and bring you to speed in haiti. rioting and looting in the streets of the capitol,
8:05 am
port-au-prince, hurting efforts to bring relief supplies to the people of earthquake. police are asking residents to be on the lookout for lot looters, this comes as the death toll could rise t. could top 200,000. 1 1/2 million homeless. orlando is on the ground there. good morning to you. >> bee hive of activity continues. it has been going on since this earthquake happened. we are at the international airport here in port-au-prince. it is an incredible dance the military is doing on this property. they are moving all kinds of plane, all size, all shapes from all kinds of countries. joining me right now is commander jim campbell with red alert global nonprofit search and rescue. thank you for joining us. open up that map. i want folks to see what it is that you know has already been done here in port-au-prince. tell me what we're looking at. >> basically the airport is
8:06 am
right here. systemic surge we're working toward the epicenter. as of yesterday, we found five more people still alive, which we'll continue to search and rescue operation until we find no more people alive. >> let me ask you, commander, we were talking earlier, it's sort of a hard come to jesus moment right now because it's been a week. >> yeah, it has. i have to say that the amount of search teams we have on the ground at this time, it's been a very forceful effort. my heart goes out to the haitian people who suffered so many tragedies. we are trying to get food and water and medical care out to them as fast as we possibly can. it takes time to get troops on the ground and get things out there and get food and water to them. >> commander, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> it's important to know, earlier today i was speaking with commander campbell and the bottom line is -- you heard him
8:07 am
say five people found yesterday. they weren't expect to go find that many. i'm told today they're going to really start winding down this rescue mission and it becomes more of a recovery mission. gretchen. >> oh, my gosh, it's so pain stay to go know there are people still there alive and we hope for the best. thank you, orly. now we have other headlines. president obama is set to deliver his first state of the union address one week from tomorrow, january 27. it will be at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. besides being broadcast live on national tv, the address will be streamed on the white house web site. the speech the president delivered last year, you may be saying to yourself, i thought that was the first state of the union. nope. technically not considered a state of the union address because he had only been in office a short time. two men link to do a suspected al-qaeda associate accused of trying to bomb new york city are due back in court today. this man seen in a courtroom
8:08 am
sketch and the other man say they've done nothing wrong. they were arrested in the investigation of a colorado airport driver who pleaded not guilty last year to supporting terrorism. all three men attended high school in new york city together. six years after she died in a bathtub, drew peterson's former wife, kathleen, gets her day in court. he is accused of killing her. today witnesses in the pretrial hearing will tell her side of the story and how she was afraid that drew peterson would kill her. at first her death was ruled accidental. but after a second autopsy, it was changed to homicide. he is a suspect in the disappearance of his first wife, stacy. he maintains his innocence and she has never been found. think twice before you fake and bake. the f.d.a. says tanning beds can cause cancer and they can kill you. now they want the warnings on the beds to say that. right now they say nothing about cancer risks and aren't visible enough. but the indoor tanning
8:09 am
association says there is no new science to justify increased regulations. public hearings on stricter regulations begin in march. those are your headline. >> all right. time to bring in laura ingram. a fine radio show beginning at 9 a.m. eastern time. welcome back. >> great to see you guy. >> are you one of those who think that it's going to be an intriguing day in massachusetts on this special election? >> yeah. i got a call about three weeks ago, right after christmas break. maybe it was january 2 from a friend of mine involved in the scott brown campaign. and he said, laura, nobody is focusing on this race. it's possible that this guy could defeat this martha coakley and i wasn't spend ago lot of time focusing on the race. i brought scott on my show january 3. it was a sense that something was going on. it was a 9 point difference between him and coakley in the rasmussen poll. from that point onward, you started to feel the momentum
8:10 am
build. and what you saw is a dinosaur media, the old media, which is thinking this was a gimme. and the people of massachusetts were saying, not so fast. >> the people of massachusetts elected barak obama, i think by 26, 27 points or something like that. now fast forward, here we are a little more than a year later and suddenly, this looks like a huge repudiation of health care, one vote, party vote in washington. what it really comes down to is turnout and can ted kennedy's kennedy machine get the vote out today? >> i get the sense, and maybe you do, that people are getting really tired of this entitlement mentality, whether it's just a regular citizen waiting for the government to save them or politicians who think because they have a letter after their name that they're entitled to this seat or that seat. people are saying, what's being done is not working in
8:11 am
washington. it's not working. this is what this race is about. it's not about the truck, it's not about the insult to the red sox fans. it's about substance. don't let anyone bring you down any other road. it's about what's working or not working in washington, d.c that's what this race is always been about. >> how do you expect the fallout to be if scott brown beats coakley today? i'm talking about fallout within the democratic party, because according to some reports, the chief advisor to the president is pointing fingers at certain people. will he point it back at the white house? >> of course not. this is going to be martha coakley tossed to the wolves. it was a bad campaign, has nothing to do with president obama. nothing to do with health care reform. but i got to tell you, that spin, it just rings holly and i think it sounds really shallow and just silly at this point. it's not a serious examination of the facts on the ground and again, it's democrats missing the pulse of the american people.
8:12 am
that's what is fascinating about this. despite the poll, despite the turnout today in massachusetts, they're going to double down on health care reform and i think that should be a message to the american people across this country. >> a year ago, president bush left and president obama said okay, the ball is mine. let's take a look right now in his first year according to laura ingram. grade the president of the united states one year in. >> let's first start with the economy. we know where unemployment is and there is no sign over the next several months that the economy, as far as job, is really going to pick up to any great extent. that in and of itself is a terrible blow to the obama administration and their plans to continue to grow government. so on the economy front, i would give them a d plus perhaps, just to be charity be a. we move from that, consumer optimism, obviously down. then go to foreign policy. and on foreign policy, look at where we are with iran today. iran is now more poised than ever and closer than ever to
8:13 am
having a nuclear weapon. i don't know what we're doing on iran right now. if you held a gun to my head and ask what our policy is, i don't know what it is. but the world is more dangerous, not less dangerous a year into this administration. >> he's been aggressive going after al-qaeda in afghanistan and has taken action in yemen. that's a thumbs up. >> also in raising people's blood pressure in many case, he would get an a. >> right. that's a good point. >> earlier we just heard from mitt romney, now we're going to be talking to the lieutenant governor of massachusetts who supports martha coakley. he will be moments away. >> and fighting with a higher power. u.s. soldiers using weapons in the middle east that are inscribed with biblical messages. see that circle right there? is that legal? we're going to report, you're going to decide on this tuesday.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
well, the people have spoken when it comes to giving the president a grade card. it happens once a week with these daily tracking polls. laura ingram continues the conversation with us from our nation's capitol. look at this, according to rasmussen, 52% of americans disapprove of what the president of the united states is doing. let's continue your grade card. when comes to domestic policy, what sort of grade would you give him? >> on domestic policy, obviously the number one issue has been health care reform. an issue they thought they were going to push through last august. remember the august deadline, then it became an october deadline, then it was a november deadline, and now we see it all playing out in massachusetts. so on domestic policy, you got to give him a d plus, d minus, some would give him an f. it's clearly not what the people want and it's breeding cynicism among the american public. let's move to the public mood, though, because the public mood
8:18 am
today is what? people are impatient, but they're not impatient for change, ala what president obama is hoping for with health care reform. they're impatient to have money in their pockets and a job, a job that gives them a better way of life and they hope a better way of life for their children and their grandchildren. right now the public is very pessimistic about the future of this country one year in. america is in decline, china is on the rise, and where is the american dream? that's an amazing fall for just where the public mood is one year into this administration. that's undeniable. >> the story goes that jfk told ted sorensen, why are you writing a book about my last career because it was a disaster? he changed, he was enroute to winning reelection. do you feel as though this president will take a look at his first year and make some changes? >> so far what we hear is that they're going to put the same policies in a different box and put different wrapping paper on it. so they're going to come out and
8:19 am
say, we're the economic pop list. we're going to trash banks, the same banks that they pushed to bail out which republicans were against. we're going to sound like we're really for the people now. well, the problem is, you're still pushing policies that are wildly unpopular. we haven't even gotten into immigration reform and a carbon tax which most democrats still want. but all of that is clearly just now trash. it's never going to happen, i don't think so this year. >> democrats are in a difficult place, are they not, because if he wants to appease the far left, he has to continue with the progressive policies. if he wants to go more down the middle of the road -- which way will he go? >> i think gretchen, it is a hard situation for him, but remember, bill clinton, probably the best thing that happened to his presidency was when health care went down. when it didn't pass. they lost in the midterm, but then bill clinton came roaring back. so that would be the best thing that could happen to barak obama. then he could kind of tact to the middle and try to cut deals with the left. but right now, this thing is on
8:20 am
a collision course with the tea party reality. >> what a perfect segueway. we thank you for joining us today. meanwhile, she was talking about the tea party. how involved is the tea part express in today's special election in massachusetts? the state's lieutenant governor says it's too involved. we'll talk to him live next. >> jay leno putting jokes aside last night. listen. >> do all of this, conan o'brien has been a gentleman. good guy, i have no animosity towards him. this is all business. if you don't get the rating, they take you off the air. >> yep. leno didn't stop there. we'll give that you story. i7
8:21 am
a good place to find yourself. and that's exactly where our graduates do find themselves -- in 96 of those fortune 100 companies. because we make sure our bachelor's degree programs... meet the needs of businesses by working with businesses... to develop our bachelor's degree programs. devry university. discover educatn working at
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"what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?" "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen.
8:23 am
welcome back, everyone. are the issues that sparked the
8:24 am
tea party moved behind the surge for support for scott brown in the massachusetts senate race? joining me, massachusetts lieutenant governor murray, a supporter of martha coakley. good morning to you, lieutenant governor. >> good morning. seems like the only thing missing from that laura ingram segment was her ripping the president on how he decorated the christmas tree at the white house. >> well, maybe we'll get into that next holiday season. but right now we're talking about the race today in massachusetts. it looks like your candidate may be in a little bit of difficulty. how do you see it? >> no question about it that this is a horse race. but at the end of the day, we're confident that as voters go to the polls and do the analysis of who has a track record of protecting taxpayers' interest, martha coakley. she has been an attorney general, being pro-active on going after the banks, going after utility companies that have been irresponsible to consumers, she's gone after the big, big contractors who didn't
8:25 am
live up to their end of the bargain and she's recouped hundreds of millions of dollars for massachusetts residents. >> right now a lot of people in massachusetts don't seem to be focusing on those particular things. they're focusing on some of the gaffes she said recently and the fact that her campaign has been in free fall, has it not? >> this race is tight. most races do. what people oftentimes don't mention is that a majority of voters in massachusetts are unenrolled and that we have -- we've had 16 years of republican governors. so it's not always as blue as some people like to portray it and every race is usually statewide races are fairly competitive. >> not in massachusetts, come on. i mean, the republican hasn't won a senate seat since 1972. i don't think anybody in their wildest dreams would have thought this was a close race until recently and now the white house starting to point fingers that saying potentially coakley did not run a good campaign. >> i think your massachusetts -- you don't know your massachusetts history that well.
8:26 am
in 1996, certainly former governor romney ran against ted kennedy in 1994. what it shows is that you can't take any election for granted in massachusetts or anywhere around the country these days. >> i know one of the criticisms you've had in the recent weeks is that you blame the tea party movement for scott brown's surge n. what way? >> i'm not sure where you got that. but it is clear that they are coming into the state, turning on the tv just the other night and my hometown, the local news, people from texas and virginia coming into the state. i'm not saying i'm blaming anybody. i'm just saying there is no doubt that this really is a national election because there are no senate races or congressional races or gubernatorial races taking place right now. so the eyes of the country are on this race and people from the right and the left are here and involved trying to make a difference. >> right. the eyes of the country probably would not have been on the race had it not been so close now in recent weeks. do you see it as a referendum simply on massachusetts and martha coakley or referendum on
8:27 am
barak obama? >> i don't think you can pinpoint any one thing. we'll know tonight at 8:00 o'clock when the polls close what actually the outcome and i'm sure there will be lots of commentary either way. right now we're focusing on getting people out to the vote, letting those last minute undecided voters know if you're looking at a record, martha coakley has been the only one that has been able to protect and has a career in protecting taxpayers' interests, protecting people. she's convicted murderers, child molesters as a district attorney and ironically, scott brown is running if his record. he's the only candidate in this race that raised taxes, voting for $300 million-plus in the romney fee and tax package back in 2003 and he also voted to raise the gas tax. >> all right. the voters will be making up their minds, huge turnout expected today, at least half of the registered voters. lieutenant governor of massachusetts, tim murray, thanks for being our guest today. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on "fox & friends",
8:28 am
cruise ships stopping in haiti is creating outrage on both sides. men who get married, getting a sweeter deal than women who get married? i want to hear that one. and take a look at this video. a man parachutes into the water to try to break a world record. would he wind up breaking his neck instead? long way down.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
about an hour ago, nbc came out with an announcement regarding late night. take a look. >> in light of the controversy regarding jay leno and conan o'brien, nbc would like to officially announce that they are replacing both hosts with this guy. ♪ pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. ♪ >> that never gets old. >> it might soon get old. i think we're getting close. >> so far we've gotten so many slogans that we asked to you try and rhyme our "fox & friends" slowing within pants on the ground. make some specifically for steve and brian since they wear pants. >> yes. we're pro-pants. let's talk about this. abc broke a story yesterday. there is a company that makes gun sayings located in michigan. for years, in addition to the serial number thing, notice that little thing that we've
8:33 am
highlighted. there are all sorts of essentially codes to the bible. for instance, on some of them, j n8:12. means john chapter 8, verse 12. some are calling -- hey, wait a minute. they captain possibly put those sayings, codes on guns and stuff because people will say, america is fighting a holy war. >> yeah. we don't want a jesus versus allah. that probably would be a way to divide the planet quickly. >> these codes are on the sights that go on the rifles. the amazing thing to me is that they've been there for this long and nobody ever noticed except the people who manufactured them. it was probably one or two people who complained. we brought the story to you and we wanted to know what you thought about it. so angie and george said, i think it's awesome being an american christian. it is comforting to me and i'm sure the soldiers to know that if they have to carry a weapon, that it is inscribed with a biblical verse. if i was a soldier in a foreign land, i would definitely feel more protected if i had them.
8:34 am
>> bob in florida says while i'm not personally offended bid codes, i can see where believers in other faiths may not agree. maybe everyone should be able to personalize their own sight and rifle. >> i believe it is nita in kentucky says, if a soldier is using a sight with a bible verse on it, and is offended, he should be able to replace it with another. if my son was using a rifle with god's words on it, i would be comforted. >> in arizona, if the company is privately owned, shouldn't they be allowed to use any serial number they choose? >> that's right. and the company is privately owned. >> had a first amendment lawyer on earlier who said, look, they can put anything they want to on it and if the marines and army will buy the sight to put on the gun and see it's there, so be it. >> this bullet is coming to you from the corinthians. >> now to the headlines because we need to bring you up to speed on haiti. looting and violence are slowing the flow of supplies and causing
8:35 am
people to flee the capital city of port-au-prince. many are heading to relatives' homes in the countryside. many hospitals still don't have the necessary medical supplies. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea visited one. >> hospital is the biggest place, we said tell us specifically what you need and that's what they've done. the second thing we need to do is what the people on the ground are working to do, increase the distribution, the space and scope of the distribution. there are more people who need the aid than have been able to get it. i think we're getting there. >> the death toll continues to rise, now expected to top 200,000 people. 70,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves. 1 1/2 million people are homeless. massive destruction isn't putting a damper on some people's vacation. royal caribbean cruise ships are continuing to dock at haiti's private beach. 60 miles south of the devastation in port-au-prince.
8:36 am
royal caribbean says each of the cruises is dropping off food and water for the victims. >> that's good. haitian orphans adopted by americans are waiting to come to the united states for care. while the government says it's trying to speed up the process, thousands of orphans are still sitting in haiti bogged down by red tape. jonathan hunt has more on that from haiti. >> reporter: there are 26 babies in the back of this truck. their only home, their only shelter. the orphanage workers have no baby formula to give them, just regular milk. many of them have diarrhea as a result. they've become more dehydrated by the minute. they wait for help, but little comes. five bottles of pedia lyght from the salvation army, crackers from other aid agencies. salvation army doctor and nurse, but still no formula, still no sign of any coordinated attempt
8:37 am
to help these helpless victims. the older children keep their spirits up with prayer and song. they, too, need food and water. but perhaps above all, they need love. that love is waiting for them in the united states. 120 out of 135 of these babies and children have already been legally adopted by american families. she's crying right now. she just wants to get to the family in grand junction, colorado who adopted her. johnny, due to get to a family in new york. this is vanessa. she has not yet been adopted. she needs to be. she needs to be got out of here and got to the united states. the children with their smiles, their dignity in the face of appalling living condition, their desire to hold and to be held represent the best of haiti. the families in the u.s. waiting
8:38 am
for them represent the best of america. but the best of both countries is being kept apart by the worst. bureaucratic red tape. despite pleas from the texas-based for his glory outreach organization that runs the orphanage, the state department has not yet given permission for these children to fly into the united states. while the state department deathers, the children suffer. >> that is jonathan hunt reporting from haiti. he had a great reunion, if you saw it yesterday, during one of shep's shows where he actually was able to show live pictures of children that a couple was waiting to adopt here in new york state. >> that was amazing. final deal sealing conan o'brien's exit from the "tonight show" could come today. it's reported that conan will be getting a $32.5 million consolation prize from nbc. jay leno took the last night to talk about the late -- last night he did, it wasn't his last night. anyway, he talked about the
8:39 am
drama. listen. >> cbs develop ago sitcom about the troubles here, called two man and a half ass network: conan's ratings has surged. they're way up since this whole thing started. but unfortunately, that kind of thing is frowned upon here at nbc. >> it wasn't all laughs. he says it's all business and he has no hard feelings toward conan. he called him a gentleman. >> a man makes an ambitious attempt to glide through new zealand's landmark. check out this view. he spent four years planning his jump and managed to fly into the hole only to find he did not have enough wind to make it to the other side. he said it was incredible and not ruled out making another attempt. stay out of the hole. >> men who get married are getting a sweeter deal these days than women who get married. that's because women are
8:40 am
becoming better paid and better educated, according to the research center. the trend being called the rise of wives. the percentage of marriages in which the woman is the higher earned than the man has exploded from 4% in 1970 to 22% today. you have really done well. tell the other women congratulations. >> i will do that. >> i think you just did. >> oh, yeah. phil, let me tell you, we're down to four teams in the nfl. >> the semifinal, i am learning a lot sitting and listening. >> he is the outstanding football analyst. welcome back to the set. you had a great clothing deal. >> a lot of information. almost became a cleveland brown. you're right. >> we have booked you because we want you to help us with our -- we're going to place heavy bets in vegas. when it comes to the jets-colts game -- >> i'm doing that game, so i can't tell you who is going to win. >> it's going to be a really
8:41 am
good game. it's going to be close. the pros -- what do you want to know? the jets defense is real. they've shown it all yearlong. they've been tremendous. peyton manning is really good. how is that? >> jets beat the colts in the regular season. >> yes. but the colts took their starters out. >> i know. i'm just trying to -- 'cause you say you can't tell us your prediction. >> look, it's just going to be exciting, i think. of course, it's all about peyton manning for the colts, even though the defense is playing well. for the jets, rex ryan. eats been a dream for the media, sports world, the way he talks and things he says. >> answer the question this way, see that man in the jets hat? on monday, will he have a big smile or kind of a -- will he have the sad face? >> i just don't know. it depends how his wife treats him this weekend. >> this is the greatest story right now so far, the new york jets. no one expected them to make the
8:42 am
post houston season. do you think they will put pressure on the team that can't lose and that's the jets? they play with house money. >> listen, that's just great talk. you know, players go into a game, they're not going to be feeling the pressure going out there, wow, this is a big moment. i'm -- they just play. it's a reactionary sport. they go out there and you do things you don't know why you do it, it just happens. then it's over. you either get slapped on the back and say good job or they criticize you. >> brett favre goes back to new orleans, he grew up a saints fan. what's going to happen? >> that game is really going to be interesting. no doubt the minnesota vikings are the bigger, stronger, faster football team. but going down there in that area -- you like that? all right. thank you. >> you're the first analyst to actually like the vikings. >> i didn't say i liked them. [ laughter ] >> we thought the dallas cowboys were going to win. >> you're going to be naming the
8:43 am
best quarterback and running back? >> yes, february 3 in miami. it's a great thing. fed-ex has been doing it for six years. over $12 million they've donated. really proud to be part of it. >> allall right. i'll see you later. >> you never do any work. your wife does it all. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, the polls are open in massachusetts. martha coakley will be casting her ballot we assume for herself. up next, the tea party response. >> what did you pack in your kids' lunch box today? why not a good old peanut butter and jelly. we have a guest at that tells us why that lunch could be so important. >> i'm hungry. pro-peanut butter.]
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
new video just shows the democratic voting. cameras caught up with martha
8:47 am
coakley before she pulled the lever. >> it's been a short intense campaign, no question about it. voters are paying attention. that's a good thing. this is my neighborhood, my neighbors are helping, holding signs. we've got signs all over here. i love living here and it means a lot to be able to come down here to this school and cast a vote. it's what this country and democracy is all about. >> very interesting. polls show the republican candidate ahead in the race coming in. >> that's right. i wonder who she voted for. that's not stopping our next guest from going full speed ahead. vice chairman of the tea party express. he joins us from sacramento, california. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> mark, i've been seeing on-line that you are mobilizing your members of the tea party express across the country to help with what's going on in massachusetts. how? >> we are manning phone banks, we're asking individual members
8:48 am
of our organization to call and e-mail everybody they know in massachusetts and get the word out. we've got a $300,000 tv buy on practically ever tv station in massachusetts, as well as national channels like fox, because they simply ran out of time in massachusetts. there were so many people buying air time. it's a national election. it's a referendum on health care, sure and simple. this is a state that's got compulsory health care. it's a crime to live in massachusetts without insurance. 70% approval rating when it passed. now it's got a higher disapproval rating. >> mark, it's really all about scott brown and his election. in some ways, is the tea party want to be on the clock to see the power you actually have? >> well, no i didn't that we, the party -- the tea party, actually have the power. we're at the front of the line
8:49 am
saying follow us. the power comes from the folks who have risen up. when you talk about grassroots, it truly is. if you google tea party, you'll find hunks of groups, including mine, and thousands of people. people are looking at massachusetts right now as the bellwether, the judgment call one year into the obama administration and the preview of coming attractions in 2010. >> sure. also you've got awoke out called exposing the socialist agenda. it's on sale now. if martha coakley does lose later today, what's the message to the people at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, mark? >> one, don't ever confuse the yankees with the red sox. and number two, i'm from massachusetts. the message is, barak, you're going the wrong way. harry and nancy, you're going the wrong way. just tosspot the exclamation point on that, my next tea party express starts in nevada,
8:50 am
march 27, 40 cities, ending in dc on tax day for a big national event. it's all at tea party >> thank you very much. it will be an exciting day. did country star brad paisley loved her so much he married her. >> i am hungry for what's going on today. you have been setting up this story, it's a huge story out of massachusetts. could change the tide of politics in this country. we'll be watching every single thing. congressman wiener this morning, huge supporter of health care, says there is a pretty good argument that health care reform may be dead. we'll tell you why he's saying that on america's news room. $$$$
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
we all know her from the big and small screen. plus, she's married to a country superstar and now actress kimberly williams paisley is lending a hand to help feed the hungry. >> and she's here to tell us about pack a peanut butter sandwich today. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> we're all going crazy because we can smell this delicious peanut butter here. tell us about this. >> peter pan peanut butter has donated a million meals to feeding america, which is one of the largest hunger relief organizations in this country and ending childhood hunger, children's hunger is something i'm passionate about. almost one in four children is hungry in this country. and this is one of these problems that we can fix. there is enough food for everybody. so we're encouraging people to pack a peanut butter sandwich and take the unused money you would spend on lunch to feeding
8:55 am
america. you can provide almost 7 meals for a dollar. >> that's a great message and to bring lunch is a great message. steve does it every day. are you anti--jelly? >> there isn't much jelly on these? i love it. my son loves it. >> i like peanut butter just raw. >> how can you talk? >> you can't. >> it's fun. >> this is a great program for you to be involved in because you are actually a mom. >> i am. >> who eventually will be packing lunches for your two kids. >> i pack lunches now even though they don't go to school. it's a great snack. it's also something that is most requested from food banks is peanut butter. it's got great nutritional value and a long shelf life and you can buy it and donate it to your local food bank, feeding america. >> i know you live in tennessee. somebody else who loved peanut but ther and banana sandwich, elvis presley. what about your husband, brad paisley, is he a big peanut butter guy?
8:56 am
>> he puts it in his milk shakes and that's what i do. >> really? doesn't that gum up the works? >> you're not making sandwiches, you're still acting. you have a lifetime tv movie coming up. >> called amish grace, about the am itch school shootings and the forgiveness when the amish came out and forgave the killer and his family. it's an inspiring story and so neat to be part of it. >> we'll come back and say something astounding when we return and wrap up the entire show. >> you might want to write that down.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we will try to answer in the after the show show. >> you're not going to do it now? >> we only have 21 seconds to talk about tomorrow. it will be a really big show. it will be the post game show to whatever is going on in the commonwealth of massachusetts. we'll be up early right at 6:00 o'clock. we hope you join us then. >> we'll tell you the true story of what kimberly is really like. >> very nice having you here. >> go to our after the showho

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